Ten Must Do’s To Prepare Your House For Sale

  1. Get your paper work together. Find your deed, title insurance policy, and survey. Your Realtor will probably ask you for a copy of your survey.
  2. Make a list of the improvements and repairs you have done since you bought the house. Many times it seems like we just did something a couple of years ago when in reality it was 10+ years ago. If you have any warranties on repair work put them in a folder. Try to find the information booklets that came with the appliances and put them in the folder.
  3. Do you have any pictures of different seasons of your property? Any before and after pictures, for example before and after you added a deck or patio? If you do get them out and put them in a folder. Your Realtor may have some suggestions using them for future buyers.
  4. Make a list or write a short letter about what you have enjoyed about living in the house. Include things like where the school bus stops, how far it is the nearest park, shopping or anything that might be of interest to the future buyers.
  5. Drive up to your house and park across the street. Look at your house as if you didn’t live there. Does it look like a well maintained, welcoming house? Are there things you could do to make it more interesting?
  6. Check the front door. Is the hardware tarnished? Does the key work with ease? Are there spider webs or nests up around the outdoor light? Is the storm door glass clean? Maybe you could add a wreath and some plantings near the door depending on the season.
  7. Now look at all the windows, screens, etc.. Do the same kind of checkup you did for the front door. Include the patio door or back door in this inspection. Are any vapor barriers broken? Do the frames look fresh? Do the windows open and close easily? Is any of the glass cracked? Again are there spider webs?
  8. Next check the siding, overhangs and gutters. Do these items need any repair? Would power washing help the siding? If there is any wood, are there any rotted spots? Any peeling paint? What about shutters, do they need any care?
  9. Take a careful look at your landscaping. Do you have overgrown bushes? Are there any bushes or trees that are preventing light from coming into the house? Are there some areas you could use mulch to improve? Are there weeds along the fence or walks? Does your driveway need repairing and sealing?
  10. Is your garage door fresh and clean? Is the bottom panel roughed up? What about the side or back door? Are there some things you could do on the inside of the garage to make it look more spacious and neater? Maybe put some pegboard and shelves up.


Now that you have a good idea of what the outside needs you need to make a plan .So….make a list with a time line. Even though it is a lot of work to do, the good news is it involves more labor than money.

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